Rug cleaning on washroom floor

Rug Cleaning is something we take very seriously here at Anglesey Carpet Care.

We Clean your rugs in our purpose build rug studio based on Anglesey. Working in our studio allows us to carry out processes that would be impossible to do in your homes. We use specialist equipment to give your rugs the expert and quality service they deserve. It also allows us to carry out repairs and recolouring processes that take time and some extra attention.


Rugs cleaned in our facility are first vacuumed front and back to help removed sand, grit and hair that might be trapped on the surface and easily removed, we then use a mechanical duster in order to remove as much  of the deep fine soiling, dust and grit ant get trapped between fibres and at the base of the rug, your rugs are then air dusted the removed any of of the really very fine dust and allows us to open the pile using compressed air in a much more gentle way then a mechanical duster.

Stain removal usually happens next.

Its only then the rugs will be washed.

The Washing process generally consists of “flooding” the rug. This means saturating the rug in water in order to help suspend and remove soiling later in the process.

A specially formulated rug cleaning solution will then be used to clean and remove soiling from the rugs, rinse and repeat as necessary.

Once were happy with the clean we then need to remove as much of the water as possible in order to get them drying. They are either spun in our rug centrifuge or water is removed with our specialist suction device.

The pile is set and the rugs are then hung to dry in our purpose built, humidity and temperature controlled drying room.

The last stage unless repairs or restoration is necessary is a final vacuum and pile setting, then the rugs are rolled and wrapped ready to be returned to you.